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Welcome to Cass County Democratic Party!

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 Hello CCDP Members-- we're having our regular CCDP Executive Committee Meeting on
Thursday 11/21, 5 pm at headquarters.
(change due to weather) 

At that time we will elect our Executive Committee for 2015-2016.
This Executive Committee will elect our CCDP officers at a meeting in early December (date to be determined on Tues). 

The Executive Committee is elected by Precinct Delegates and members of MDP who have been members for at least 30 days.  

The number of Executive Committee members is based on candidates nominated for elective office county-wide or above in 2012 and 2014.  According to our bylaws, we take that total (13)  x 3 for our Executive Committee, a total of 39.  Therefore we will be electing 26 additional members to the Executive Committee on Tuesday.  We can and will expand the Executive Committee after CCDP officers are elected in early December.
From the Chair

We're in process of recovering from a grueling election season that left all of us stunned and saddened--and frankly amazed that voters show such little regard for issues.  We lost so many wonderful candidates that could have made a real difference in the way Michigan is headed, and in our future.    The only bright spots are US Senator Gary Peters and Michigan Supreme Court Judge Richard Bernstein; we're very proud of them and their hard won victories.
Losing the rest of our exceptional slate is difficult to bear.   Especially hard for Cass County is losing Mike Moroz, potentially our first State Rep since 1964. 
Michigan will continue down the path of privatization and corporatization.  We will see unions continue to be weakened, women's rights continue to be eroded, middle and working class and seniors taxed, while the wealthy and corporations get tax breaks.  And public education will continue to be decimated.
Look for the Koch Brothers to continue their assault on our democracy by using the State Houses throughout this country.  Look for our local Tea Party representatives to join ALEC, the Koch Brothers' legislative arm that writes the bills and sets the agenda for Michigan.  They will vote party lines because they will be given no choice.  They will not speak for us because they can't--they are hamstrung now as they have been for recent history. 
All we can do is watch carefully, find the truth, and let people know what's actually happening in Lansing.  We must be unrelenting in publicizing votes and what they mean.  We must write letters, sign petitions, and march when needed.  It's not the time to stand down -- our very democracy is at stake. 
As for losing the US Senate, it is devastating.  President Obama is all that stands between us and the radical agenda of the Tea Party.  Again, we must be vigilant and give him all the help we can to insure he can fight for us with the tools he has as chief executive. 
I wish there was better news, some bright spot.  I'm afraid there's not;  except perhaps the Republican Party will be exposed for what they have become-- a tool of big money and special interests.  We need to continually point out that the emperor has no clothes, it's up to every one of us to do our part to insure that 2016 finds a more informed electorate.  
I hope you become involved with Cass County Democratic Party-- get on our email list, attend meetings, step up as a Democrat.  And if you're not sure you're a Democrat, take the quiz that will tell you what political party or parties you affiliate with based on issues. You may be surprised : )  Cathy

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Cass County Democratic Party
Headquarters: 804 E. State St.
Cassopolis, MI 49031

Mailing Address: PO Box 154
Cassopolis, MI 49031
Phone: 269-445-1651

Monthly Meetings

CCDP Executive Committee
Regular Meeting

6:00 pm
Third Tuesday of the month

 CCDP Headquarters is now open Monday - Friday 
from noon until 4pm.  
Stop by to shop and say hello.
2013 - 2014 Officers

Chair -- Cathy LaPointe
Vice Chair -- David Taylor
2nd Vice Chair -- Felomina Patton
Secretary -- Marlene Deming
Treasurer -- Francois Duchesneau

    County Commissioners

Clark Cobb -- District 7
Click here for "Commissioners Corner"

Public Service Announcements

Winter Preparedness -- CLICK HERE for information and tips from David L. Smith of the Cass County Office of Emergency Management to get us through another harsh winter!
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